Photographing The World, One Image At A Time: Simply put, that's what we do, that and drink too much coffee. Here's a few of the areas we try and excel.
Environmental Portraits: making you and the world a more beautiful place.... doing our bit for the environment, and for you!
Studio Portraits: has your boss has told you that selfie doesn't cut it? Well this time they're right. Besides you'll love my studio. It has character.... old and rustic, and occasionally leaks.
Even some of my esteemed colleagues like to rent it out.

PR & Advertising Photography: so everyone, not just your friends will know your business is successful.
Fashion Photography: it's a tough job photographing beautiful people in beautiful clothes but someone's got to do it.
Architectural & Industrial Photography: because we love working with the clever people like architects.
Art Copying: extremely high quality copies helping artists spread the word about their work.
Family Portraits: nuclear, extended or blended, anywhere at any age. Graduation Portraits: congratulations graduates, we can help you record your hero day.
Product Photography: making your widget or wine look amazing for your Shopify page.
Fine Art Photography: putting my personal work out there, and it's all for sale.
How do you know if I'm a good fit for you? Email or ring me- you'll soon know. If you like some of the work on this website, then we're off to a good start.
Hiary Rowley Design
David Lont, University of Otago
Mount Stuart Windfarm